Cisco SPA514G
141,46 €

IP phone with 4 SIP accounts and 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports with PoE support.







Display: Graphical 128x64 pixels with backlight
Phone features: Line status indication (active line, name and number)
Menu Driven User Interface
Call hold, call waiting
Caller ID name and numberņ and Outgoing Caller ID Blocking, outgoing Caller ID barring
Call transfer (Attended and Unattended)
3 way conference
Automatic redial
On hook dialing, busy line redial, call barring (anonymous and selective)
Hot Line and Warm Line
Call history (60 entries in each category): missed, incoming, outgoing. Redial from call history
Personal address book with automatic dial (100 entries)
Do not disturb
URI (IP) calling (Vanity numbers)
Multiple ring tones with ring tone selection for each account
Date and time with support for intelligent daylight savings
Distinctive ringing, based on called and calling number
Different Dial/Numbering Plan for each account
DNS SRV and Multiple A Records for Proxy Lookup and Proxy Redundancy
Keys: 4 line keys with Tricolor LED
Status indication LED: Active, Idle, On Hold, Unregistered
3-state line status LED (On/Off, Color, Flash)
Illuminated keys for Audio Mute On/Off, Headset On/Off, Speakerphone On/Off
4 Soft keys
4 way Rocking Directional Knob for menu navigation
Message waiting indicator
Message pickup
Volume control with Rocking Up/Down Knob Controls Handset, Headset, Speaker, Ringer. Standard Dialing Pad with 12 keys
SIP accounts: 4
Ethernet ports: 2 LAN 10/100/1000 with PoE (802.3af) support
IPv4 - Internet Protocol v4 (RFC 791) upgradeable to v6 (RFC 1883)
DHCP Client - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (RFC 2131)
Type of Service - TOS (RFC 791/1349)
VLAN Tagging 802.1p/q - Layer 2 QoS
VoIP protocol: SIPv2
Session Initiation Protocol Version 2 (RFC 3261, 3262, 3263, 3264)
SIP Proxy Redundancy - Dynamic via DNS SRV, A Records
SIP support for Network Address Translation Networks - NAT (including STUN)
SIPFrag (RFC 3420)
IP Address / URI Dialing
4 SIP Profiles
VoIP CODECs: G.711 (a-Law, u-Law)
G.729A, G.729B
Dynamic Payload
Jitter Buffer
Frame Loss Concealment
VAD - Voice Activity Detection with Silence Suppression
Attenuation / Gain Adjustments
MWI - Message Waiting Indicator Tones
VMWI - Voice Mail Waiting Indicator - Via NOTIFY, SUBSCRIBE
Caller ID Support
Third Party Call Control (RFC 3725)
DTMF, In-band DTMF, Out-band DTMF (RFC 2833) (SIP INFO)
Other ports: Headset: Stereo input
Power input
Sound: Input: Handset and Microphone
Output: Handset and Speaker
Management: Syslog, Debug, Report Generation and Event Logging
Encrypted Voice Communication
Internal Web Server with multiple access levels
Automatic Provisioning, multiple methods
Encryption 256 Bit (HTTPS, TFTP)
Call to IP address: YES
Warranty: 1 year