OpenVox B200P
201,63 €

ISDN BRI card fully compatible with Asterisk.

Features 2 ISDN BRI ports and is suitable for PCI bus.

The OpenVox B200P card is a card for PCI bus 2.2, and has 2 ISDN BRI ports. Every port can be configured as NT or TE, independently of the other ports.

The OpenVox B200P card can be used in PBXs based on Asterisk®, in VoIP gateways, and ISDN least cost routers.





Bus type:

PCI 2.2


ISDN Basic Rate Interface (BRI)


DTMF detection on all ports

Number of ports:

2 S/T (2B+D)


Every port can be independently configured as NT or TE


ITU-T I.430, and TBR 3



Compatibility: Asterisk and all PBXs based on it (trixbox, Elastix, etc.)


5 years